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Security Advice

Going Away?
1. Get a friend or neighbour to open and close the curtains daily for you.
2. Make use of Timer plugs. Set them to come on just before dusk and go off at staggered times.
3 Cancel milk and newspapers. Get a friend to remove any post visible from the doorstep.
4. Allow or ask a neighbour to park their car on your driveway while you're away.
5. Be wary of who you let know you are going away. (Taxi's, Postponed Tradesmen, etc.)
Long term Ideas
1. Fit trellis to the tops of any fences that are vulnerable to people climbing over. Trellis is not strong enough to take anybody's weight but splinters and makes a lot of a noise when it breaks!
2. Plant hostile/thorny plants (berberris, hawthorns, etc.) wherever you wish to deter somebody entering your garden.
3. Add frosted film to any clear shed or garage windows to prevent somebody seeing what's inside.
4 Padlock and chain valuable items together if kept in vulnerable garden sheds or garages.
5 Postcode all valuable items with an ultra-violet indelible pen and photograph valuable and unusual items such as jewellery and collectables.
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Please call 0870 3456227 arrange an appointment.

Security Advice
Ten simple things you can easily do to minimise the risk of unwanted visitors.

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